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Single cut diamonds in jewellery have a very long and rich history. Originally, old single cut diamonds were a variation of the table cut diamond. They have been around since the early days of diamond cutting. Old single cut diamonds were created by removing the corners of table cut diamonds and creating new facets. Single cut diamonds are typically smaller than other cuts from its time, and provide much more sparkle. 

Single cut diamonds are easily recognisable due to the fact that it is usually octagonal in shape, and features eight facets on the table and crown. For this reason, single cut diamonds are also sometimes referred to as ‘eight cut diamonds.’ This stone cut is somewhat simplistic, and its origins can be traced back to the early 17th Century. It is considered a historic cut, much like old cut and rose cut diamonds. 

Usually, single cut diamonds are very small, and weigh 0.10ct or less. However, for a small stone, they have plenty of shine and asterism. Single cut diamonds usually work best as accent stones, as part of a pave setting or in a cluster surrounding a principal stone. Single cut diamonds are commonly used as an accent stone to larger cuts, such as brilliant cut, princess cut, marquise cut, emerald cut and cushion cut diamonds. The beauty of a single cut diamond often allows the focal stone to shine even more. 

Single cut diamonds are common in all types of jewellery, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and vintage earrings. They were incredibly popular during the late 19th and early 20th Century. Many pieces in our 1940s/50s rings collection display an arrangement of stunning single cut diamonds. However, this design was also popular throughout the 1970s and 80s, however it was more commonly referred to as the ‘eight cut.’ 

Stone cutting is a discipline that is constantly evolving. The way diamonds have changed throughout the years is partly due to the fact that innovation is so important in the jewellery industry. Throughout the centuries, societies have been excited to see new additions to the diamond cutting world.

Many of our stunning vintage jewellery pieces feature single cut diamonds. If any of these beautiful single cut diamond or eight cut diamond pieces catches your eye, please be in touch with us here online, or visit us at our Hatton Garden residence. 


A single cut diamond is usually octagonal in shape, and features eight facets on the table and crown. For this reason, single cut diamonds are sometimes called ‘eight cut diamonds.’ This stone cut is somewhat simplistic, and its origins can be traced back to the early 17th Century. Single cut diamonds are considered to be a historic stone cut.

Single cut diamonds usually require less labour and time to create, meaning they are not more expensive than other diamond styles. However, antique single cut diamond jewellery is often very valuable, as single cut diamonds demonstrate a significant advancement and progression in diamond cutting. They are one of the most beautiful diamond styles that display the artisanal skill of historic diamond cutters.

Single cut diamonds have larger facets than a lot of other diamond cutting styles, meaning they sparkle quite intensely. When single cut diamonds are lined up and placed together in jewellery, they create a strong, shiny effect. For this reason, jewellery that includes clusters of single cut diamonds are incredibly valuable and popular.

Single cut diamonds are considered rare, because the historic cut is not produced as often as other diamond cuts. Single cut diamonds are often used in luxury watches, and many people will pay more for diamonds in watches. This means that single cut diamonds can be extremely valuable, and our collection of stunning single cut diamond jewellery reflects this.

It’s important to preserve rare and delicate pieces of jewellery, such as antique single cut diamond jewellery. Cleaning your jewellery correctly is a great way to keep them looking beautiful, and makes sure they retain their value. Rinse your piece carefully under warm water. Use a very soft brush to dislodge any dirt, and if it needs extra cleaning, use a mild washing-up liquid. Vintage single cut diamond jewellery often uses lots of gemstones close together, and the stones are extremely precious, so make sure you are being incredibly careful around them. Make sure you rinse your jewellery. Here at Berganza, we offer complimentary annual cleaning for life with every purchase, so your prized antique single cut diamond jewellery can be taken care of properly.

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