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Rough gemstones are beautiful creations of nature. Precious rough gemstones were formed on the Earth billions of years ago, with the exception of organic pearls, which are formed naturally. Experts currently estimate that diamonds formed deep within the Earth's core more than 3 billion years ago; however, sapphires are a lot younger at about 150 million years old. 

Archaeological evidence demonstrates that lapis lazuli was mined in the Hindu Kush region (modern Afghanistan) during the Neolithic period. Ancient Egyptians also used rough gemstone jewellery using amethysts and lapis lazuli. Ancient Chinese culture records how jade was an important and significant material and was a special part of the culture since 3600 BC.

Ancient Indian people were the first to mine and use diamonds around 300 BC. The ancient Greeks and Romans were also pioneers of the rough gemstone trade - uncut amethysts and sapphires were often used in amulets and ancient rings. 

Rough gemstones were very important to cultures all over the world. In Ancient China, jade was considered a royal gem reserved for the Chinese imperial families. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were buried in precious rough gemstones to signify their importance. The Aztec empire produced breathtaking items from rough gemstones, such as sculptures, instruments and masks. From the 5th Century to the 16th Century AD, Europe became one of the biggest collectors of rough gemstones. They were a powerful display of wealth, and many people believed in their healing powers. Many Europeans wore these gemstones as talismans to ward against spirits and disease. 

In the 14th Century, initial diamond cutting was invented, creating what we now know as stone cuts. This technique would only develop over the years into today's diamond cutting industry. 

Rough gemstones were also incredibly popular throughout many periods since the 14th Century, especially in Victorian rings. The Victorians loved stylistic influences from the past, such as Byzantine, Romanesque, and Renaissance design. 

Rough gemstone jewellery has been loved and worn since they were first discovered thousands of years ago. If any of our rough gemstone jewellery pieces catch your eye, please get in touch with us here online, or meet with us in person at our showroom in Hatton Garden. 


Rough gemstones are precious or semi precious stones that occur naturally in the world. Humans have used them for thousands of years. In ancient times, they were used as powerful symbols of protection and love across many cultures. Rough gemstones have been used in jewellery and worn by societies for centuries upon centuries.

Rough gemstones are sought after and worn because of their pure state and untouched natural beauty. Their value lies both in their stunning natural qualities and also in how rare raw material is. The value of a rough gemstone determines the price of a polished one. Rough gemstones will continue to be popular, even though many people now wear polished gemstones.

Here at Berganza, there are many things we take into consideration when evaluating rough gemstone jewellery. First of all, we pay close attention to the rough gemstone to determine its value. Because they can be hundreds of years old, we study them very carefully. As rough gemstones can be from ancient periods, they can be very valuable. If you have any authentication (such as proof of purchase or proof of designer), this can increase the value of your jewellery. Rough gemstone jewellery can be incredibly valuable, and we are committed to conducting accurate assessments on each piece that passes through our doors.

Rough gemstone jewellery is a careful investment. This is true whether you inherited or bought it. Rough gemstones can be incredibly valuable, so you should make sure to get a fair price. Consulting jewellery experts on your rough gemstone jewellery piece can ensure you're getting the right advice. Here at Berganza, our expertise on vintage jewellery means we are ideal for this. If you have beautiful rough gemstone jewellery that you'd like to sell to us, contact us at

Taking care of rare vintage jewellery such as rough gemstone jewellery is incredibly important. Cleaning your ring correctly is a great way to enhance the value of your jewellery. Soak your jewellery carefully in warm water. Using a soft brush, dislodge any dirt; if it needs extra cleaning, use a mild washing-up liquid. Rough gemstone jewellery may have uneven edges, so make sure to clean in all the crevices where substances such as hand gel and moisturiser can build up. Here at Berganza, we offer complimentary annual cleaning for life with every purchase, so your rough gemstone jewellery can be taken care of properly.

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