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Our Lucida cut diamond rings are an invention of jewellery giants Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Co first opened its doors in 1837. In 1837, the jeweller Charles Lewis Tiffany started the brand. However, under the artistic direction of his son Louis Comfort Tiffany, the brand exploded into huge fame. Ever since it has been one of the most iconic institutions in Manhattan, its beautiful luxury jewellery emporium and speciality design house headquartered on Fifth Avenue attracts customers worldwide. 

Tiffany & Co is infamous for its revolutionary style of creating jewellery. One of Tiffany & Co's gemologists, George Kunz, popularised the metric carat system as the standard way of measuring gems. In 1866, the founder Charles Tiffany invented the iconic Tiffany setting, which used six prongs to set diamonds. They are iconic for their innovative methods of jewellery design. However, they are renowned for inventing their stone cuts. The Lucida cut diamond is one of their most ambitious projects. 

The Lucida cut diamond was unveiled in 1999 and has become one of the most coveted gems in diamond jewellery. This Tiffany-patented diamond took decades for the Tiffany gemologist team to develop. This 50-facet cut is iconic for its unforgettable shine and gorgeous look. The Lucida cut gets its name from the brightest star in a constellation, reflecting its impeccable shine. The original Lucida cut diamond was square; however, Tiffany's now offers a rectangular option. They are always set in platinum metal. Lucida cut diamonds are usually used in rings; Tiffany's also made Lucida cut earrings. 

The Lucida cut diamond was among the most sought-after stone cuts in the early 2000s. It is one of the most illustrious and highly anticipated diamond cuts ever. A true embodiment of iconic American luxury, the Lucida cut ring is in high demand, even two decades after its release. Few brands have managed to create a diamond so widely celebrated. Tiffany's Lucida cut diamond is hugely ingrained in the minds of jewellery enthusiasts. Tiffany's has ceased Lucida cut diamond production, making this vintage diamond cut more elusive than ever.

The excellence of Tiffany's Lucida cut diamond is unrivalled. If you're looking for a beautiful vintage Lucida cut diamond, please be in contact with us here. You can also visit us at our showroom at the heart of Hatton Garden. 


Since they opened its doors, Tiffany & Co have created innovative new ways of creating beautiful jewellery. For example, their gemologist George Kunz popularised the karat system, and they invented the Tiffany setting, which used six prongs to set gemstones. Over the years, Tiffany's has produced different stone cuts, including the beautiful Lucida cut diamond. They don't produce Lucida cut jewellery exclusive to Tiffany's, making them incredibly valuable and sought after.

Tiffany's stopped producing Lucida cut jewellery in recent years, replacing it with the Tiffany True diamond. However, Lucida cut diamonds are still incredibly popular, even two decades after their initial release, due to their beauty and luxury. To keep up with the brand's image of innovation, Tiffany's always keeps their diamond releases up to date.

Tiffany's is an industry leader in jewellery production for many reasons- they are focused on innovation, creativity, quality and exceptional standards. Their diamonds are widely considered to be some of the best produced in the jewellery industry. Their patented diamond cuts, such as the Lucida cut, are highly sought after due to their scarcity and beauty.

While Tiffany rings can be expensive, they are incredibly high quality. Tiffany ring designs are incredibly beautiful and innovative, making your ring stunning. Vintage Lucida cut rings are highly coveted, as they are a rare and opulent choice. Named after the brightest part of a star, Lucida cut diamonds display the intense natural beauty of the stone.

Tiffany's jewellery is expensive, meaning it must be preserved. It is important to keep your jewellery dry. Using a small amount of silver jewellery cleaner on a soft cloth, gently rub the silver several times. Then thoroughly rinse your silver Lucida cut ring in warm water and carefully dry. Silver that is worn more doesn't need to be cleaned as often. Here at Berganza, we offer complimentary annual cleaning for life with every purchase, so your special Lucida cut diamond ring can be taken care of properly.

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