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Art Deco earrings of the 1920’s to 1930’s

Article from Berganza

Come the 1920's, a new and exciting decorative style was taking hold - Art Deco. Originating in France, Art Deco embraced right angles and bold, sharp lines, along with striking bursts of colour against bright white diamonds and platinum settings. Art Deco was going against the soft shapes of the Edwardian period and subsequently this new decorative style was born, dominating jewellery design for two decades.

This was an exciting time for jewellery making. In terms of earrings, craftsmen re-styled the classics including chandeliers, girandoles and long pendant drops, into more contemporary pieces. These long styles worked beautifully with the shorter haircuts of the day. They also provided a wonderful canvas for showcasing exciting new art deco features. Often articulated, earrings would flow elegantly with movement, which in turn enhanced their sparkle.

Coloured gemstones featured heavily, usually being the central point of the piece. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls, along with opaque contrasting stones of onyx, turquoise, coral, lapis and jade were favoured, all brought to life by accompanying diamonds. Platinum dominated, showcasing diamonds to their best effect. Craftsmen were inspired by exotic lands of Egypt, China and India, and combined vivid colours and carved gems often to great effect, for example the ‘tutti frutti' jewels. The geometric styles encouraged new bolder cuts of stones including the emerald-cut, baguette and step-cut, along with fancy shapes such as marquise, pear and triangle.

Larger 1930's designs prompted the new clip back fitting, replacing the old screw back, which held them securely to the lobe without the need for pierced ears. Often a stud and clip would be combined to hold a heavier stud, or cluster, into place.

We have some fine examples of original art deco earrings, some with a pop of colour, and others wholly set with spectacular bold, beautiful and dazzling diamonds. Find your perfect pair at Berganza.

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