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The renowned French jewellery firm of Fouquet was founded in 1862 by Alphonse Fouquet (1828-1911).  He is particularly known for his jewels in the Renaissance revival taste, many of which incorporated engraved gems, cameos and enamelled miniature paintings of the highest calibre.  The successive generations carried on this excellence in quality and design.  Alphonse’s son Georges (1862-1957) took over management of the firm in 1895, and continued the high standards and cutting-edge design.  He is particularly known for his Art Nouveau works which are considered to be on par with Lalique, and for which the House of Fouquet won praise at the 1900 Paris Exhibition with their jewels designed by Czech painter Alphonse Mucha.  The firm next took up with great mastery the Art Deco style, with the help of Georges’ son Jean, who contributed to their display at the famed 1925 Exposition, from which the movement acquired its name.

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