Why choose antique or vintage jewellery?

Wednesday 12th April 2023

Why choose antique or vintage jewellery?

With a myriad of options available today when it comes to purchasing jewellery, our specialists often get asked about the benefits of buying antique or vintage over something modern, bespoke, or increasingly, lab grown.

There are many reasons why people are drawn to jewellery from the past. With an innate charm that cannot be manufactured, antique and vintage pieces come in many different styles, even more than could be imagined! With thousands of designs, as unique as you are, you are sure to find the one that speaks to your style, and personality!

A wonderful feature of antique jewellery is the rare hand-cut diamonds, and natural unenhanced coloured gems found within them. Nowadays, the demand for fine quality gemstones has outstripped the natural supply, and it has therefore become accepted in the jewellery trade for gems to be treated, often to improve their colour. Natural and unenhanced gemstones represent only a small minority of the market, and are what we specialise in at Berganza. Showcasing an incredible depth of colour that treated gems simply cannot obtain, these gems are highly sought after for their intrinsic beauty.

Another aspect where antique jewellery surpasses its modern counterparts is in its ability to provide a long-term investment for its owner. With only a limited number of pieces in circulation, each item is a rarity. The manufactured nature of modern and bespoke jewellery, as well as lab grown diamonds, mean that more of each are made daily, and their increasing presence on the market, and the ability to order more whenever is required means that they lack investment potential, and indeed depreciate in value over the years.

When purchasing a piece of antique or vintage jewellery, you are making the ethical choice to preserve a piece of the past. By lessening your impact on the environment by not participating in the facilitation of mass-produced modern jewellery and lab grown diamonds, which demands huge amounts of energy, you become a conservator instead of a consumer.

Of course, one of the most remarkable aspects of antique jewellery are the tales that these pieces could tell, the lives they would have lived, and the incredible historic events they may have been witness to! By investing in such a jewel, you become the next chapter in its story, and when the time comes, it can continue to be passed down, an heirloom for your loved ones to cherish.

Visit the Berganza showroom today, or view our entire collection online, where you are sure to be amazed by the outstanding beauty of these incredibly crafted pieces! If you find a piece that speaks to you, do not hesitate, as it could never be replaced once sold! We offer fully insured and complimentary shipping within the UK, and worldwide.

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Georgian diamond cluster ring, circa 1770 hatton garden
Georgian diamond cluster ring, circa 1770.
Ref: 28096
Burmese ruby and diamond cross over ring hatton garden
Burmese ruby and diamond crossover ring, circa 1910.
Ref: 27805
Onyx and diamond line bracelet, circa 1925 Hatton Garden
Onyx and diamond line bracelet, circa 1925.
Ref: 28099
Ceylon sapphire and diamond cluster ring, 1940. Hatton garden
Ceylon sapphire and diamond cluster ring, 1940.
Ref: 27879
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