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Tokens for your sweetheart

Antique or vintage jewellery for the one you love.

Tiffany Co ruby diamond heart necklace hatton garden
Tiffany & Co. ruby and diamond heart necklace, American, circa 1980.
Ref: 22076

Throughout the ages there has been many different styles of jewellery which capture the essence of ones love for another. Probably the earliest form of jewellery which was used to express long-term commitment and love was made in Ancient Greece in the form of a marriage or betrothal ring. Since then the presenting of a marriage ring has become a practicing custom throughout the world.  

Early Victorian jewellery conveyed intimacy with romantic subjects such as stone set hearts, cupids, birds and keys which were fitted as brooches, bracelets or pendants. Hidden messages of affection can be found in posy rings which contain a short engraved message on the inside of the ring which was known only to the couple. Regard rings from the 19th century were set with gemstones Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby and Diamond with the initial letter of each stone spelling out the intimate message ‘REGARD’.

Possibly the most unswerving devotion is portrayed in memorial jewellery which commemorates the enduring love between spouses even after death. Such tokens include portraits, initials and even hair from the dearly departed.

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Early portrait miniature memorial ring berganza hatton garden
Early portrait miniature memorial ring, circa 1793.
Ref: 15957
Antique diamond set 'Saint Esprit' brooch berganza hatton garden
Antique diamond set 'Saint Esprit' brooch, circa 1860.
Ref: 25413
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