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Tiffany & Co.180 years of Dazzling Designs (Part One)

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In 1837 when Charles Lewis Tiffany moved to New York and opened an upscale fancy goods store, no one could have predicted the future successes and prestige that would be connected to the Tiffany name. With a loan of $1,000 from Charles’s father and dreams of creating his own business, Charles set up shop with close friend John Young.  A mere thirteen years later Tiffany had not only gained an enviable reputation amongst the jewellery world but the company had expanded to include additional luxury stores in Paris and London.

Charles Lewis Tiffany later bought out his business partners and named his company Tiffany & Co. Relentless in his pursuit of excellence and quality, he introduced the splendour and extravagance of large diamonds to high society including the rare and coveted fancy yellow Tiffany diamond. Retrieved from the famous Kimberly mines of South Africa in 1877, the enormous yellow diamond was acquired by Charles Lewis Tiffany and cut into an extraordinary 128.54 carat antique cushion shape old mine diamond. The Tiffany diamond has been the feature attraction on many of the exhibitions attended by Tiffany & Co. throughout the years and remains on display at their renowned fifth avenue flag ship store in New York.

Spurred on by the unprecedented wealth flowing into New York City during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Charles Lewis Tiffany sought jewels that not only rivalled those of European royalty but, had at one time belonged to them. Seizing the opportunity Tiffany acquired nearly one third of the French Royal jewels in 1887 and the esteemed elite of New York society were quick to add a piece of Royal regalia to their own collections.

From humble beginnings Tiffany & Co. flourished with enchanting gemstones, timeless jewels and regal elegance, birthing what would later become one of the most recognisable jewellery houses in the world. Within Berganza’s extensive collection of period jewellery, view the rare antique range of original Tiffany & Co. pieces and celebrate the foundation of an unparalleled jewellery dynasty.  


Antique Tiffany turquoise diamond ring berganza hatton garden
Tiffany & Co. triple cluster turquoise ring, American, circa 1900.
Ref: 22623
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