The Cheapside Hoard: London's Lost Jewels

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Georgian emerald and diamond ring berganza hatton garden
Georgian emerald and diamond cluster ring, English, circa 1830.
Ref: 24291

Wednesday 6th November 2013

This October the Museum of London will be displaying the entire Cheapside Hoard for the first time since its discovery in 1912, renewing our fascination in jewellery of the 16th and 17th centuries.

This extraordinary treasure was discovered by chance under a cellar floor in Cheapside, London, an area known in its time for its jewellery shops similar to Hatton Garden today. Like all jewellery of such age it is surrounded in mystery and we are left with the unanswered questions of who owned it and when. The Cheapside Hoard is the largest collection of jewellery of this period ever discovered and as jewellery of this age is so rare it is regarded as the single most important find of its type in the world. Hand crafted jewellery of this quality is rarely encountered today and the exhibition highlights the astonishing technical skills and craftsmanship of jewellers of the period. It also showcases London’s historic role in the international gem trade.

At Berganza we have similar rare pieces displaying craftsmanship of the highest calibre, including diamond rings with detailed enamelling, rose cut diamonds and ancient carved intaglio gemstones. See below a selection of pieces which are available to purchase on our website or by visiting our shop.

Georgian diamond memorial ring berganza hatton garden
Georgian diamond memorial ring, English, circa 1820.
Ref: 24101
Georgian diamond brooch berganza hatton garden
Georgian diamond brooch/pendant, circa 1770.
Ref: 25499
Early hardstone cameo ring. berganza hatton garden
Early hardstone cameo ring of King George III
Ref: 14437
front view georigan rose cut diamond ring berganza hatton garden
Georgian rose cut diamond ring, circa 1820.
Ref: 26518
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