The Colours of Christmas!

While red and green can instantly put you in the holiday spirit, and have been associated with the festive period for centuries, at Berganza we believe that anything goes! Christmas is all about bright sparkling colours that lighten up the long winter nights. Whether your preference is for the warm red of a fine Burmese ruby, the vibrant green of a Colombian emerald, or the majestic blue of a Kashmir sapphire, we have a wide collection of pieces featuring rare, natural and beautiful gemstones, and we are certain to have something to meet the demands of even the most discerning jewellery lover.

According to Christian beliefs, guided by a bright star, gold was one of the gifts brought by the three wise men and is often used to convey wealth, prosperity and glamour and is still a popular holiday gift. Favoured in particular during the Victorian period, this precious metal was worn in every which way, often featuring enamel and rare and exquisite gemstones.

With gemstones cut completely by hand by the light of a candle, diamonds from the Victorian era are truly unique and would become known as ‘candlelight diamonds’ with their warm and inviting sparkle. We have an exceptional selection of gold, old cut diamonds and Victorian pieces at Berganza, which are guaranteed to make a cherished gift this holiday season.

What is more festive than a fresh blanket of white virgin snow, or an individual snowflake that elegantly catches the light? The white of a pearl is thought to represent purity and perfection. As the world’s oldest gem, and known as the “Queen of Gems”, natural pearls have been revered since long before written history!

Shrouded in myth and legend for millenia, pearls have been the favoured gemstone of some of the most powerful women in history from Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I and more recently, style icon, Jackie Kennedy. With their soft iridescence and distinctive lustre, natural pearls are one of the rarest gems on earth and we are proud to have a collection of one-of-a-kind natural pearls that would be the perfect addition to a lady’s jewellery collection.

With an ever-expanding inventory of nearly three thousand ancient, antique and vintage pieces, at Berganza, we specialise in the rare and unusual – appealing to those who are in search of something truly individual. Our jewellery specialists look forward to welcoming you to the showroom, or if you prefer to purchase online, all shipping is complimentary, gift wrapped and fully insured! 

Victorian diamond drop earrings hatton garden
Victorian diamond drop earrings, circa 1880.
Ref: 26895
Old mine diamond pendant, circa 1900. Hatton Garden
Old mine diamond pendant, circa 1900.
Ref: 27819
Art Deco black opal and diamond ring, circa 1920 hatton garden
Art Deco black opal and diamond ring, circa 1920.
Ref: 27852
Natural pearl stud earrings hatton garden
Natural pearl stud earrings.
Ref: 28015
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