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The Allure of Antique Jewellery

why choose antique jewellery

Antique jewellery has a lasting allure. Each piece was made using the techniques, material and craftsmanship of the day, while being kind to the planet and having an amazing history and story attached to every piece.

Berganza has a vast collection of antique jewellery, all of which were handmade by masters of their craft who would spend hundreds of hours, by candle or gas light cutting, moulding and shaping both metals and gemstones. Many of the skills involved have now largely been lost to time as most modern gemstones are cut by lasers and metals cast in computer generated forms. The workmanship is impossible to replicate using modern production methods and so imitations of the past are created, devoid of the individual human element which makes each antique piece so charming.

The individuality of each piece is ensured as most pieces were made bespoke for individual patrons, this also guaranteed the best quality as craftsmen were only as good as their reputation. Each piece would take hours to create not only because of limited technology but because they were created with an emphasis on craftmanship such as designing beautiful flourishes like pierced openwork galleries, carved shanks, hand-done millegrain and were set with hand cut stones. The quality of work is evidenced by the fact these pieces have survived in such remarkable condition.  

Sustainability is one of the wonderful side effects of a piece of jewellery being hand made over one hundred years ago. Not only are you lessening your impact on the environment by not participating in the facilitation of mass-produced modern jewellery you’re also decreasing your carbon footprint by being a conservator instead of a consumer.

Arguably the best thing about antique jewellery is the amazing history and story attached to every piece. Who owned it first, who had it commissioned and why, what has it seen and where has it been? The romantic beauty of antique jewellery is impossible to match today as it tells of a story of another time and place. You are the next chapter in a historical love story. Bringing new life to treasures from the past.

Browse our collection today to find your own unique antique piece. Although the Berganza showroom will be closed from November 5th, our website is still active and we remain open for virtual consultations and pre-booked collections. If you find a special piece during this time, we would be delighted to have it delivered to you. All shipping is complimentary, gift wrapped and fully insured.

Georgian diamond brooch berganza hatton garden
Georgian diamond brooch/pendant, circa 1770.
Ref: 25499
Edwardian diamond drop earrings berganza hatton garden
Edwardian diamond drop earrings, circa 1910.
Ref: 24415
art deco diamond cocktail ring hatton garden berganza
Art Deco diamond cocktail ring, circa 1930.
Ref: 23665
Ruby and diamond tassle earrings berganza hatton garden
Ruby and diamond tassle earrings, circa 1920.
Ref: 24782
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