"Fashioned from Nature" exhibition at the V&A

connection between fashion and nature

Thursday 26th April 2018

This ground-breaking new exhibition "Fashioned from Nature" at the Victoria and Albert Museum, running until 27th January 2019, is the first exposition exploring the multifaceted connection between fashion and nature, starting from the 1600s through to the modern day. This exhibition will showcase the evolution of clothing fashion in conjunction with natural history specimens.

In the jewellery world, naturalism has provided a wealth of decorative motifs, from abstract flowers or leaves all the way through to the most anatomically correct animals, birds and insects, acorns, elaborate floral boughs and blossoms.

The theme of nature has always been prevalent in jewellery, whether as the obvious central focal point of the piece of jewellery or as a subtle side embellishment. Nature was a particularly desired theme during several time periods, particularly the Early Victorian and Edwardian periods.

The Early Victorian period (1837-1860) was influenced by the Queen's blossoming romance with her consort Prince Albert. The romanticised ideal of the natural world inspired the jewellery of this time. The phenomenon of floriography (the study of flower meanings) was all the rage with every single flower or plant having a hidden secret meaning or message, so when incorporated into jewellery, a flower was not only beautiful but conveyed a message.

The Edwardian period, famous for being the ‘pretty' period, shows off a delicate and refined leafy ‘garland' style of jewellery in gossamer like lacy designs, often all in platinum.

Flower imagery has eternal appeal. Fancy adding a nature inspired piece of jewellery to your jewellery box? Look no further than Berganza's extensive collection, all available to view online or in our shop.

antique butterfly brooches hatton garden berganza
A pair of Victorian gem set butterfly brooches, English, circa 1890.
Ref: 25440
Oscar Heyman Brothers diamond and ruby cluster ring hatton garden
Oscar Heyman Brothers diamond and ruby cluster ring, American, circa 1970.
Ref: 21949
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