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Cocktail Rings: America in The Cocktail Period

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Yard Inc. diamond and ruby ring berganza hatton garden
Yard Inc. diamond and ruby cocktail ring, American, circa 1935.
Ref: 25653

The United States economy was booming and the fruits of prosperity such as new cars, suburban houses and jewellery were available to more people than ever before. Captains of industries and billionaire families were in abundance and for the first time after the war people were enjoying themselves again. They would go to local dance halls to display their wares, and to movie theatres to see famous actors and actresses, the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, wearing the most fabulous jewels.
Such firms as Raymond Yard Inc., Seaman Schepps, Oscar Heyman and of course Tiffany & Co., were the ultimate in high end fashion. Even top European jewellery firms like Mauboussin were teaming up with American firms to get a slice of the action. Jewellery was bold and beautifully manufactured, with some firms using only the finest gemstones in the world, money being no object.

Trabert & Hoeffer Mauboussin Ruby Ring berganza hatton garden
Trabert & Hoeffer with Mauboussin Burmese ruby and diamond ring, circa 1940.
Ref: 24463
front view sapphire diamond ring Tiffany Co berganza hatton garden
Art Deco Tiffany & Co sapphire and diamond cocktail ring, American, circa 1935.
Ref: 21494
 Oscar Heyman ruby diamond ring berganza hatton garden
Oscar Heyman Brothers ruby and diamond ring, American, circa 1950.
Ref: 14043
Tiffany & Co. diamond cocktail ring berganza hatton garden
Tiffany & Co. Diamond bombé dress ring, American, circa 1960.
Ref: 25669
front view Oscar Heyman Brothers star sapphire ring, circa 1942.
Oscar Heyman Brothers star sapphire cocktail ring, American, circa 1942.
Ref: 20770
David Webb diamond and enamel snake ring berganza hatton garden
David Webb vintage diamond and enamel snake ring, American, circa 1970.
Ref: 25891
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