Early posy ring 'In the my choyse I do reioyse', circa 16th - 17th century.


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Early posy ring 'In the my choyse I do reioyse'. A smoothly conforming D-shape band, inscribed in relief to the exterior in seriffed capitals ' + IN * THE * MY * CHOYSE *', the interior engraved and enamelled '+ I - DO - REIOYSE', approximately 3mm in width, approximately 1.5g in weight. Tested yellow gold, circa 16th - 17th century.

Accompanied by documentation from the British Museum stating that this ring was found while metal detecting on 21st August 2014 in Leamington Hastings, Warwickshire, UK. This ring is recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme under reference WAW-027CA8 and disclaimed as Treasure under the Treasure Act, reference 2014T642.

See 'English Posies and Posy Rings', 1931 by Joan Evans, p.60 for further variations on the spelling of this posy. At this point in history, there was no standardisation of spelling- the introduction of Dr Johnson's Dictionary, published on 15th April 1755, brought about radical change and started the process of regularising spelling.

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