Ancient Roman cornelian birds intaglio ring, circa 2nd-3rd century AD.

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Ancient Roman cornelian birds intaglio ring. Set centrally with an oval cornelian intaglio, carved to depict a pair of birds, possibly parrots, alongside a smaller bird, a wheel and a cornucopia (horn of plenty) in a closed back rubover setting, surrounded by a fine wirework border, flanked by split scrolling shoulders with granule detailing and leading through to a joined rounded two wire shank. Tested yellow gold, circa 2nd-3rd century AD.

The combination of the symbolism of this intaglio is intriguing- the cornucopia symbolising abundance and nourishment, parrots meaning exoticism and the wheel perhaps denoting mobility and hard work.

The intaglio set in this ring is carved with minute precision, each line building up the image which is crisply executed. This is a museum quality ring, and a very fine example of An-cient Roman craftsmanship, showcasing several highly technical goldworking techniques, in excellent condition.

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