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 alt='Diamond cluster earrings, circa 1910.' Antique and Unique Christmas Gift Ideas
We have a wide range of gift ideas to give to that special someone this Christmas, see some of our antique and vintage jewellery suggestions...

 alt='front view Antique natural pearl and diamond earrings' A History of Earrings: Part 6. 1901 – 1915 Edwardian period including Belle Époque and Art Nouveau
Following on from the Victorian period, our next instalment on the history of earring design focuses on Art Nouveau and its influence on elegant Edwardian jewellery.

 alt='Pair of antique old cut diamond earrings, circa 1900.' A History of Earrings: Part 5. Victorian earrings: The Late Victorian Period 1885 - 1901
Queen Victoria reined from 1837 to 1901, a total of 64 years. Across this period, there were three prominent jewellery trends. In this article we outline the final part, the Late Victorian period, from 1885 to 1901.

 alt='Antique enamel and diamond set harp memorial ring, circa 1895.' ‘Requiescat In Pace’ : Mourning and Memento Mori Jewellery
Halloween in upon us! Learn how themes of death and remembrance appear in antique jewellery.

 alt='front view Stuart rock crystal love knot ring, circa 17th century.' Our Stuart Rock Crystal Love Knot Ring, 17th century.

Our newly acquired Stuart ring belongs to an exciting group of jewellery called ‘Stuart crystals'. These pieces are attractive, rare and highly collectable. Click here to learn more about their history.

 alt='Antique diamond earrings, circa 1860.' A History of Earrings: Part 4. Victorian earrings: The Middle Victorian Period 1860 - 1885
Queen Victoria reigned for a total of 64 years. Across this period, there were three prominent jewellery trends. In this article we outline the second part, the Middle Victorian period, from 1860 to 1885.

 alt='front view Viking gold plaited ring, circa 9th-' Viking Jewellery
Discover the intricate jewellery made by Viking craftsmen

 alt='Antique old mine cut diamond chandelier earrings, circa 1860.' A History of Earrings: Part 3. Victorian Earrings: The Romantic Period 1837 - 1860
Continuing with our popular earrings feature, this week we begin to look at the Victorian period.

 alt='Natural pearl hoop earrings, French, circa 1800.' A History of Earrings: Part 2. Middle Ages to Georgian
Here is part 2 of our research into the fascinating history of earrings!

 alt='Boucheron Paris pearl and diamond brooch, French, circa 1920.' The ‘Downton Abbey effect’ on antique jewellery
Downton Abbey is now airing its 5th series- set in the 1920s! Take a look at the fabulous Art Deco jewels worn by the characters.

 alt='Ancient Greek gold filigree earrings, circa 3rd - 2nd century BC.' A History of Earrings: Part 1. The Ancient World
Enjoy part one of our brief history into the world of earrings, beginning with The Ancient World courtesy of our knowledgeable staff at Berganza Jewellers.

 alt='John Brogden shell cameo brooch and earrings, English, circa 1870.' An Exquisite Cameo Suite by John Brogden
Learn all about our impressive parure by English jeweller John Brogden and an informative history of cameos in antique jewellery...

 alt='Art Deco natural sapphire ring with diamond set shoulders, circa 1935.' Art Deco: Bold and beautiful jewellery of the 1920’s and 1930’s
What is Art Deco? Discover one of the most prominent design eras in history.

 alt='Eternity ring set with square diamonds, circa 1935.' Eternally Appealing Eternity Rings
Learn all about the ring given to commemorate life's special occasions...

'As Endless Is My Love As This: A History Of Marriage Rings'
Introducing our book 'As Endless Is My Love As This: A History Of Marriage Rings'.

 alt='Gold posy ring 'My heart and eye until I die', circa 18th century.' Love is All Around: A History of Posy Rings

Rubies Revealed
Learn about one of the most precious gemstones used in antique jewellery...

 alt='Victorian solitaire cushion shape old cut diamond ring, circa 1860.' The Solitaire Diamond: A History
Solitaire diamond rings are one of the most favoured choices as an antique engagement ring- find out more about the history of these attractive rings...

 alt='Antique diamond tiara/necklace, English, circa 1880.' Bridal Jewellery
Planning your wedding this summer? We explore the bridal traditions and select a special collection of jewellery to add the finishing touch for your big day.

 alt='Antique diamond set snake ring, French, circa 1900.' Sinuous Serpent Jewellery
Learn more about one of the most enduring motifs used in jewellery- an enchanting choice for an antique engagement ring...

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