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 alt='full view Egyptian gold serpent ring, circa 30 BC-323 AD.' Nicole Kidman Wears Berganza Again
Teaming ancient, antique and vintage, Nicole Kidman creates an impressive and dramatic appearance.

 alt='Cushion shape old mine Golconda Type IIa diamond ring, circa 1905.' Indian Jewellery Inspired by the V&A Exhibition

This week we are exploring the facinating “Bejewelled Treasures: The Al Thani Collection”. Learn more about these spectacular pieces, inspired by India's sophisticated jewellery traditions. 

 alt='front view Georgian precious topaz earrings, circa 1820.' November birthstones: citrine and topaz
Discover our exclusive antique collection of topaz and citrine jewellery to treat your beloved ones with an unique present this month.

Nicole Kidman wears Berganza at the Harper’s Bazaar Awards

 alt='front view Antique ruby, diamond and demantoid garnet ring, circa 1900.' A Focus on Suffragette Jewellery
Alongside the recently released film 'Suffragette', discover more about the phenomenon of suffragette jewellery...

Unique Jewellery Ensembles
Your jewellery ensemble can be added to over the years, marking life’s important occasions with a special new piece of jewellery, discover more about the historical significance of jewellery 'parures'...

 alt='front view Antique diamond and ruby target ring, circa 1910.       ' Target Rings
Target rings were originally presented as love tokens, with each gemstone concealing a hidden meaning, read more about these striking rings here...

 alt='Old mine drop shape diamond ring, circa 1935.' Alluring Drop Shape Gemstones
Some of the most famous diamonds throughout history have been fashioned into drop shapes, find out more about this dramatic cut...

 alt='front view Saxon five bar braided ring, circa 6th-9th century AD.' Celtic: Art and Identity - the eagerly awaited new exhibition at the British Museum
Read here about the beauty of this culture’s artistic creations...

 alt='front view Art Deco baguette diamond ring, circa 1935.' Naturally Platinum
The word platinum derives from the Spanish word ‘platina’ meaning ‘little silver’. Acknowleged since the 1900’s, platinum’s durability and natural brightness has been and still is today highly treasured, read more about this special metal...

 alt='front view Marquise, baguette and round diamond cluster ring, circa 1950.' Marvellous Marquise Diamonds
Elegant marquise shape diamonds are an attractive and remarkable choice for a special piece of jewellery, read further about this fancy cut here.

 alt='front view Bombé diamond cluster ring, circa 1930. ' Eye-Catching Bombé Rings
‘Bombé’ rings have an appealing rounded curving shape, click here to read more about this interesting group of rings.

 alt='front view Art Deco diamond engagement ring' The Charm of Cushion Cut Diamond Jewellery
Discover more about the beauty and individuality of cushion cut diamonds...

 alt='Invisibly set sapphire and diamond ring, circa 1950.' The Expertise of Calibré Cuts and Invisible Settings
Learn about two of the most skillful techniques seen in antique jewellery...

 alt='Solitaire cushion shape old mine diamond ring, circa 1920.' Our Customers' Top Picks for Jewellery Investments
When investing in jewellery, the most important consideration is rarity. Read more about our customers' favourite investment choices...

 alt='Early Jaipur enamel and old mine diamond ring, circa 17th century.' Antique and Vintage Three Stone Rings
Antique and vintage three stone rings are rich in meaning and symbolism, find out more about this romantic style of ring...

 alt='Round and baguette diamond ballerina coronet cluster ring, French, circa 1950.' Ballerina Cluster Rings
Ballerina cluster rings are a distinctive style of cluster, learn more about these dazzling rings and their variations...

 alt='front view Belle Epoque green garnet and diamond dress ring, French, circa 1905.' Unusual Gemstone Rings
Discover our captivating range of antique and vintage unusual gemstone rings, from bright colourful gems to those displaying fascinating optical effects...

Emeralds Unearthed
Watch our video about emeralds, one of the most precious gemstones used in antique jewellery.

 alt='front view Antique diamond five stone ring, circa 1900.' Victorian Carved Half Hoop Rings
Rich yellow gold and flashes of colour and sparkle, learn more about the delightful group of Victorian carved rings...

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