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 alt='front-view-Art-Nouveau-solitaire-diamond-ring-berganza-hatton-garden' Sensuous Designs of the Art Nouveau movement

 alt='front-view-Antique-natural-pearl-and-diamond-earrings,-circa-1890-berganza-hatton-garden' Coronet Cluster Earrings a Timeless Accessory

 alt='front view Romano Egyptian gold snake ring' 'Sunken Cities' – an exhibition of newly discovered Egyptian artefacts at the British Museum

 alt='front-view-Victorian-diamond-star-brooch-berganza-hatton-garden' Brooches: A Versatile Accessory

 alt='front-view-Cushion shape old mine Golconda Type IIa diamond ring, circa 1905.' Largest Diamond of the Century Comes up for Auction

 alt='front-view-Tiffany-Co-ruby-diamond-heart-necklace-hatton-garden' Tokens for your sweetheart
Find the perfect piece of ancient, antique or vintage jewellery for the one you love.

 alt='front-view-Antique-natural-pearl-and-diamond-earrings,-circa-1890-berganza-hatton-garden' Jewels for Summer Weddings

 alt='front-view-Ancient-Roman-Chi-Rho-signet-ring-hatton-garden-berganza' The Feast Day of Saint George

 alt='front-view-Ancient-Roman-Jupiter-intaglio-signet-ring,-circa-1st-3rd-century-AD.-berganza-hatton-garden' Ancient Romans in Britain

 alt='front-view-yellow-diamond-flower-ring-Oscar-Heyman-berganza-hatton-garden' Rare Fancy Coloured Diamonds

 alt='front-view-Boucheron emerald and diamond ring, French, circa 1940.' A Brief History of Boucheron - Part II

The second part of our Boucheron feature looks at the development of the firm from the Post-War period until the present day. 

 alt='front-view-Belle-Epoque-pearl-and-diamond-brooch-by-Boucheron,-circa-1905.-berganza-hatton-garden' A Brief History of Boucheron - Part I
Discover more about the House of Boucheron in this two-part feature. 

 alt='front-view-Auguste Belleau ruby cabochon and diamond cross' Easter is here again!

It is easy to overlook and forget the reason why we celebrate Easter, here is a reminder of what it is all about in the jewellery world…

 alt='front-view-antique-ruby-diamond-cluster-ring-hatton-garden-berganza' The Evolution of Style: Ruby Coronet Cluster Development over 200 Years.

 alt='front-view-Enamel-and-Shakudo-locket,-circa-1895-berganza-hatton-garden ' SPRING IS HERE! EXPLORE BERGANZA’S SPRING INSPIRED SELECTION

 alt='front-view-A Victorian ruby and diamond crescent brooch, English, circa 1885. ' Celestial Motifs in Victorian Jewellery

 alt='front-view-Antique enamel, pearl and diamond brooch' A History of Mother’s Day

Sunday 6th March is Mother's Day - explore the history of this holiday.

 alt='front-view-Vintage-baguette-diamond-"Peak"-ring-by-Oscar-Heyman-Bros-berganza-hatton-garden ' Beautiful Baguette Cut Rings
The baguette cut, from the French for ‘long rod’, is typically a slender rectangular cut with parallel facets, first developed in the 1920s.

 alt='front-view-Antique diamond set heart locket, English, circa 1908. ' Be My Valentine
Find something special for your Valentine in our collection of antique and vintage jewellery.

 alt='front-view-Antique-diamond-pendant/brooch-berganza-hatton-garden' A History of the Heart Shape Motif
Read about the development of the definitive symbol of love...

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