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 alt='front view Vintage solitaire tourmaline ring, circa 1970.' Seventies Vintage Jewels
Seventies fashion is in vogue this spring and summer; accessorise with some original 1970’s fine jewels.

 alt='front view Natural Ceylon sapphire and diamond ring, circa 1950.' Ceylon Sapphires
Nicknamed the 'Jewel Box' of the Indian Ocean, the old Ceylon mines are known for their exceptional sapphires

 alt='front view Antique diamond heart shape locket, circa 1910.' Antique Pendant Necklaces: Timeless Elegance and Versatility
Antique and vintage pendants can make extremely wearable and romantic love tokens, read more about pieces from our collection

 alt='Art Deco diamond ring, circa 1935.' Emerald cut diamonds
The cut of true Art Deco elegance.

 alt='front view Ancient Greek gold ring with Hercules love knot, circa 5th - 3rd century BC.' Wedding rings - a brief history
"With this ring, I thee wed....."

 alt='Antique yellow sapphire and diamond cluster ring, circa 1900. ' Gemstones - a rainbow of colour
Celebrate Spring with Nature’s Colours

 alt='front view Natural Pigeon Blood Burmese ruby ring, circa 1905.' Pigeon Blood Rubies
Pigeon blood rubies are known for their striking beauty and their rarity, learn more about these beautiful gemstones...

 alt='Onyx and diamond dress ring, circa 1935.' Onyx
Onyx provides elegance and striking contrast when paired with diamonds in Art Deco designs and has remained popular throughout history since ancient times. Rediscover the beauty of this versatile material.

 alt='front view Natural pearl necklace with enamel heart shape clasp, circa 1900.' Enamel
Discover the art of enamelling and its presence in antique jewellery...

 alt='M. Gérard Kashmir sapphire and diamond cocktail ring, French, circa 1970.' Kashmir Sapphires - The Unparalleled Beauty
From mines now exhausted, Kashmir sapphires are known as being the very best in the world. Learn more about these incredible gems…

 alt='Oscar Heyman Brothers pansy ring, circa 1940s.' Vintage Jewellery from the Fabulous Forties
The 1940’s was a time when jewellers experimented with different shapes, including motifs inspired by nature and large colourful gemstones. Learn more about this interesting period in jewellery history.

 alt='Art Deco emerald cabochon and diamond ring, circa 1935.' The Cabochon Curve
Discover the unique style of cut that has entranced jewellery lovers for thousands of years...

 alt='front view Three row natural pearl necklace' Natural Pearls
Pearls have always been considered one of the most precious of gems and make a wonderful gift of love, read more about what makes natural pearls so special...

 alt='Van Cleef & Arpels vintage flower ring, French, circa 1945.         ' Floriography
Be romanced by the language of flowers...

 alt='front view Ancient Celtic gold ring' Celtic Jewellery
Survivals of Ancient Celtic jewellery are incredibly rare. Learn about jewellery worn by the Celts and discover the Ancient Celtic rings in our collection.

 alt='front view Antique diamond cross over ring' Crossover engagement rings
Discover the romance behind antique crossover engagement rings...

 alt='Carlo & Arthur Giuliano Brooch, Circa 1890.' Moonstone
Moonstone has been known for its beautiful shimmering light effect since ancient times when it was believed to be made of the rays of the moon. Click here to see our unique selection of antique moonstone jewellery.

 alt='front view Antique cat's eye chrysoberyl and diamond cluster ring' Chrysoberyl

Chrysoberyl is an unusual and often unknown gem in jewellery -purely due to its rarity. Click here to discover the three types of chrysoberyl.

 alt='Tiffany & Co. vintage diamond clip earrings, circa 1960s.' Vintage earrings of the 1960’s and 1970’s - A History of Earrings: Part 9.
Our final instalment is here! Featuring the fabulous vintage designs of the 1960s and 70s.

 alt='Boucheron Paris lapis lazuli ring, French, circa 1970.' Lapis Lazuli

From the earliest civilisations right up to the present day, lapis lazuli has been revered for its intense blue colour and included in the most important artworks throughout history. Find out more about its enduring appeal.

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