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 alt='front view Saxon five bar braided ring, circa 6th-9th century AD.' Celtic: Art and Identity - the eagerly awaited new exhibition at the British Museum
Read here about the beauty of this culture’s artistic creations...

 alt='front view Art Deco baguette diamond ring, circa 1935.' Naturally Platinum
The word platinum derives from the Spanish word ‘platina’ meaning ‘little silver’. Acknowleged since the 1900’s, platinum’s durability and natural brightness has been and still is today highly treasured, read more about this special metal...

 alt='front view Marquise, baguette and round diamond cluster ring, circa 1950.' Marvellous Marquise Diamonds
Elegant marquise shape diamonds are an attractive and remarkable choice for a special piece of jewellery, read further about this fancy cut here.

 alt='front view Bombé diamond cluster ring, circa 1930. ' Eye-Catching Bombé Rings
‘Bombé’ rings have an appealing rounded curving shape, click here to read more about this interesting group of rings.

 alt='front view Art Deco diamond engagement ring' The Charm of Cushion Cut Diamond Jewellery
Discover more about the beauty and individuality of cushion cut diamonds...

 alt='Invisibly set sapphire and diamond ring, circa 1950.' The Expertise of Calibré Cuts and Invisible Settings
Learn about two of the most skillful techniques seen in antique jewellery...

 alt='Solitaire cushion shape old mine diamond ring, circa 1920.' Our Customers' Top Picks for Jewellery Investments
When investing in jewellery, the most important consideration is rarity. Read more about our customers' favourite investment choices...

 alt='Early Jaipur enamel and old mine diamond ring, circa 17th century.' Antique and Vintage Three Stone Rings
Antique and vintage three stone rings are rich in meaning and symbolism, find out more about this romantic style of ring...

 alt='Round and baguette diamond ballerina coronet cluster ring, French, circa 1950.' Ballerina Cluster Rings
Ballerina cluster rings are a distinctive style of cluster, learn more about these dazzling rings and their variations...

 alt='front view Belle Epoque green garnet and diamond dress ring, French, circa 1905.' Unusual Gemstone Rings
Discover our captivating range of antique and vintage unusual gemstone rings, from bright colourful gems to those displaying fascinating optical effects...

Emeralds Unearthed
Watch our video about emeralds, one of the most precious gemstones used in antique jewellery.

 alt='front view Antique diamond five stone ring, circa 1900.' Victorian Carved Half Hoop Rings
Rich yellow gold and flashes of colour and sparkle, learn more about the delightful group of Victorian carved rings...

 alt='Ornate diamond ring, circa 1915.' Ornate 1920’s Diamond Cluster Rings
Be introduced to our delightful array of ornate diamond cluster rings from the 1920's...

 alt='front view Medieval amethyst Bishop's stirrup ring, circa 13th century.' The Magnificent Rings of the Middle Ages
Each extraordinary Medieval ring offers a fascinating glimpse of a bygone era. Learn more about the surviving rings from the Middle Ages...

 alt='Ancient Roman glass cameo ring, circa 4th century AD.' Gent’s Gemstone Rings
Add a little sparkle or colour to his finger this Father’s Day, choose from our wide range of antique and vintage gemstone rings.

 alt='front view Georgian diamond and sapphire double heart cluster ring, circa 1820.' Secret Symbols in Antique and Vintage Jewellery
When considering a piece of ancient, antique or vintage jewellery, often there is more to the piece than meets the eye. Learn more about the meaning behind popular motifs used in antique jewellery.

 alt='front view Vintage ruby and diamond heart shape eternity ring, Italian, circa 1970s.' Vintage Eternity Rings
Colourful gem-set and diamond set vintage eternity rings. Learn more about our range of beautiful vintage bands...

 alt='front view Antique solitaire diamond ring, English, circa 1907.' Made In England
Historic English antique and vintage engagement rings...

 alt='front view Vintage solitaire tourmaline ring, circa 1970.' Seventies Vintage Jewels
Seventies fashion is in vogue this spring and summer; accessorise with some original 1970’s fine jewels.

 alt='front view Natural Ceylon sapphire and diamond ring, circa 1950.' Ceylon Sapphires
Nicknamed the 'Jewel Box' of the Indian Ocean, the old Ceylon mines are known for their exceptional sapphires

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