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 alt='front-view-Ancient-Roman-Chi-Rho-signet-ring-hatton-garden-berganza' The Feast Day of Saint George

 alt='front-view-Ancient-Roman-Jupiter-intaglio-signet-ring,-circa-1st-3rd-century-AD.-berganza-hatton-garden' Ancient Romans in Britain

 alt='front-view-yellow-diamond-flower-ring-Oscar-Heyman-berganza-hatton-garden' Rare Fancy Coloured Diamonds

 alt='Boucheron emerald and diamond ring, French, circa 1940.' A Brief History of Boucheron - Part II

The second part of our Boucheron feature looks at the development of the firm from the Post-War period until the present day. 

 alt='front-view-Belle-Epoque-pearl-and-diamond-brooch-by-Boucheron,-circa-1905.-berganza-hatton-garden' A Brief History of Boucheron - Part I
Discover more about the House of Boucheron in this two-part feature. 

 alt='Auguste Belleau ruby cabochon and diamond cross, French, circa 1880.' Easter is here again!

It is easy to overlook and forget the reason why we celebrate Easter, here is a reminder of what it is all about in the jewellery world…

 alt='front view Antique ruby and diamond coronet cluster ring, circa 1800.' The Evolution of Style: Ruby Coronet Cluster Development over 200 Years.

 alt='front-view-Enamel-and-Shakudo-locket,-circa-1895-berganza-hatton-garden ' SPRING IS HERE! EXPLORE BERGANZA’S SPRING INSPIRED SELECTION

 alt='A Victorian ruby and diamond crescent brooch, English, circa 1885. ' Celestial Motifs in Victorian Jewellery

 alt='Antique enamel, pearl and diamond brooch, circa 1900.' A History of Mother’s Day

Sunday 6th March is Mother's Day - explore the history of this holiday.

 alt='front-view-Vintage-baguette-diamond-"Peak"-ring-by-Oscar-Heyman-Bros-berganza-hatton-garden ' Beautiful Baguette Cut Rings
The baguette cut, from the French for ‘long rod’, is typically a slender rectangular cut with parallel facets, first developed in the 1920s.

 alt='front-view-Antique diamond set heart locket, English, circa 1908. ' Be My Valentine
Find something special for your Valentine in our collection of antique and vintage jewellery.

 alt='front-view-Antique-diamond-pendant/brooch-berganza-hatton-garden' A History of the Heart Shape Motif
Read about the development of the definitive symbol of love...

 alt='front view Victorian amethyst pendant, circa 1880.' Amethyst. The essence of the colour purple.
Discover facinating colour and history of February's birthstone. 

 alt='Kutchinsky emerald, onyx and yellow gold monkey brooch, English, circa 1964.' Chinese New Year 2016: The Year of the Monkey

 alt='front-view-Antique-diamond-ruby-emerald-ring-berganza-hatton-garden' In Demand Jewellery in 2015

 alt='front-view-Antique-diamond-cluster-ring-by-Birks-of-Canada,-circa-1890.-berganza-hatton-garden' Old Mine Cut Diamonds
Part III in our history of diamond cuts

 alt='front view Antique diamond five stone ring, circa 1900.' Victorian Carved Half Hoop Rings
Rich yellow gold and flashes of colour and sparkle, learn more about the delightful group of Victorian carved rings...

 alt='front-view-  Kashmir-Royal-blue-sapphire-and-diamond-ring,-circa-1910.-berganza-hatton-garden' Kashmir Sapphires - The Unparalleled Beauty
From mines now exhausted, Kashmir sapphires are known as being the very best in the world. Learn more about these incredible gems…

 alt='Solitaire old cut diamond ring, circa 1920.' Old Cut Diamonds
Part IV in our history of diamond cuts

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