A glossary of jewellery terms

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Design History

Influenced by science, exploration and world affairs, the design and materials used in fine jewellery are a fascinating reflection of history, as much as a testament to the skill of the craftsmen who created it...

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Birthstones and Anniversaries

Since ancient times it has been customary to associate certain gemstones and precious metals with birth months and anniversary celebrations. Click on the links to view a selection of items featuring the stone of your choice...

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'As Endless Is My Love As This: A History Of Marriage Rings'

Introducing our book 'As Endless Is My Love As This: A History Of Marriage Rings'.

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Rubies Revealed

Learn about one of the most precious gemstones used in antique jewellery...

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Due to unique characteristics and rare qualities, emerald is one of the most prized coloured gemstones on Earth. Discover more about the attributes of this mysterious stone.

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Discovering Sapphires

Learn more about one of the world's most coveted gemstones.

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Old Cut Diamonds

Part IV in our history of diamond cuts

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Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Part III in our history of diamond cuts

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Rose Cut Diamonds

Part II in our chronological history of diamond cuts

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Table Cut Diamonds

Learn about the first true diamond cut.

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