London Fashion Week 2016: Statement earrings for the season

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Wednesday 21st September 2016

Fashion lover’s the world over have congregated in our capital for the last week, hoping to see a glimpse of the new season’s trends at the annual London fashion week. Most mentionable from the catwalk this season included ruffle shirts, daring colour combinations and silhouettes outlined with an array of mixed textures. To match these bold ensembles large statement earrings were seen on a number of runways stealing the show.

Earring designs included large patterned hoops, geometric designs with vibrant coloured gemstones and extra-long drops. Many designs are a nod to yesteryear as they have a remarkable resemblance to some of Berganza’s ancient collections which feature bright gold, filigree patterning and granulation. Geometric accessories that were coined in the 1920s and 30s by the Art Deco movement resurfaced bringing elegance and charm from the past. Coloured gemstones matched with a long drop of diamonds added sparkle and presence. Examples of these original creations can be seen in our extensive catalogue of items.

With a new season of fashion upon us why not update your current wardrobe with a pair of statement earrings. Choose from a vast number of ancient, antique and vintage pieces all unique and unaltered from their respective time periods. Whether during the day or night statement earrings are perfect for any budding fashionista.      


Ancient Greek wirework earrings berganza hatton garden
Ancient Greek wirework earrings, circa 5th-4th century BC.
Ref: 26155
front view Antique turquoise drop earrings, circa 1870. berganza hatton garden
Antique turquoise drop earrings, circa 1870.
Ref: 25515
front view imperial topaz diamond drop earrings berganza hatton garden
Imperial topaz and rose diamond earrings, circa 1920.
Ref: 25510
Victorian rose cut diamond drop earrings berganza hatton garden
Early Victorian rose cut diamond drop earrings, English, circa 1850.
Ref: 26226
Vintage turquoise and diamond earrings berganza hatton garden
Vintage turquoise and diamond day and night clip earrings, circa 1960.
Ref: 25526
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