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French cut stones are square or rectangular multi-faceted gem stones, displaying a ‘cross’ to the crown facets. They are a natural evolution to the table cut. The term “French Cut” does not refer to the country of origin, rather it refers to their shape and design. Its name is probably derived from the fact that it was more popular in France than anywhere else.

French cut diamonds date back to the beginning of the 1400s, but came into fashion in the 17th century where they were favoured by nobility and royalty until the brilliant cut was first introduced. The cut again gained popularity from the 1920s, during the Art Deco period, as their geometric appearance was the perfect complement to the linear designs favoured during this era.

French cuts can be seen occasionally as an eye-catching central focal point in a piece of jewellery, however they are most often are used as highlights, flanking a central gemstone.

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