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Pierre Sterlé (1905 - 1978) was an important Parisian jeweller, who designed jewellery for both Boucheron and Chaumet, establishing his own company in 1934 in Paris. His jewellery is known for being technically advanced and inspired by nature. He was keen on challenging conventional jewellery manufacture and wanted to find new ways of manipulating metals and using precious stones to symbolize the beauty of the natural world.
His designs were distinctive and caught the imagination of some of the most desirable clientele, receiving a commission from Egyptian Royalty for a crown to be made for Queen Narriman in 1950. The trade also recognized his innovative designs and he won the De Beers Diamond Corporation 'Diamond Award' over three consecutive years in 1953, 1954 and 1955. Although his jewellery is famed, his business sense was not. He fell into financial difficulties and in 1976 his boutique was forced to close, with Chaumet purchasing his stock. His jewellery continues to demand high prices and is considered one of the most original jewellers of his time.

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