Made In England

Made In England

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Thursday 14th May 2015

England is a country very rich in cultural heritage and traditions. This depth of history is reflected in fabulous antique and vintage engagement rings particular to each design period.

British creations have been affected by the royal family, perhaps most notably during the Victorian period when Queen Victoria set many country-wide trends with her jewellery choices. Victorian England was our most prosperous period so it is not surprising that jewellery creations at this point in time were also at their peak. Victorian craftsmen were using the newly discovered source of diamonds from South Africa and international gem merchants made stones more available. Rapidly advancing technology, including gemstone cutting improvements meant that these more accessible gemstones could be fashioned into cutting edge styles. In London in 1851 The Great Exhibition of Industry of All Nations- the first of these international exhibitions- showed off astonishing new inventions of all types, and jewellery was not least amongst them, obtaining worldwide attention.

The early 20th century, marked by the two World Wars, meant that jewellery making during these decades tailed off. This was a time of hardship, rationing and bombing. Predictably jewellery manufacture was put on the back burner with few examples being created, this of course makes rings such as reference 20951 all the more scarce.

English rings are renowned for outstanding quality of craftsmanship and celebrated for their unique style. If you are proud to be British, do take a look at our showcase of the highlights of distinctive British designed and handcrafted antique and vintage unique engagement rings.

Child & Child pendant brooch berganza hatton garden
Child & Child pendant brooch, English, circa 1900.
Ref: 25404
full view John Brogden shell cameo brooch and earrings, English, circa 1870.
John Brogden shell cameo brooch and earrings, English, circa 1870.
Ref: 26221
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