Beautiful Baguette Cut Rings

First developed in the 1920s.

Tuesday 16th February 2016

The baguette cut, from the French for ‘long rod’, is typically a slender rectangular cut with parallel facets. Baguette cuts with their unusual arrangement of facets work the light in a very different way from round stones, rejecting the traditional ‘sparkle’ associated with diamonds and instead glinting with bright flashes when catching the light.

This cut of diamond was first developed in the 1920s and reflects the changing tastes from the swirling delicate floral and ribbon motifs of the Edwardian period to the geometric crisp straight lines of the Art Deco era. This change in style merited a new cut of diamond, so the baguette cut was invented.

Baguette cuts can be seen occasionally as an eye-catching central focal point in an engagement ring, such as ring 21346. These baguettes would have been labour intensively cut by hand, and can have very varied proportions, some being very slender and rectangular right the way through to ones with more chunky square dimensions.

More often one sees baguette cuts being used as flanking stones, set either vertically or horizontally between a central gemstone and providing an interesting contrast in terms of shapes and subtle sparkle, such as references 18120, 18668 and 21172. Baguette cuts were also the chief component in a much-loved Art Deco setting featuring tapering stepped shoulders, see 19611 and 17286. Tapering trapezoid baguette cut diamonds are another favourite, most frequently set to either side of a central gemstone, such as reference 18535.

Versatile baguette cut diamonds were also used in the context of a cluster with interesting varied gemstone shapes and components, such as references 18611, 19700, 19037 and 21171.

This attractive cut of diamond is very adaptable, and has been arranged into some of the most outstanding designs of the Art Deco era onwards. Take a look online or in store at Berganza’s collection of flashing baguette cut diamond jewellery.

art deco sapphire diamond ring hatton garden berganza
Art Deco sapphire and diamond ring, circa 1930.
Ref: 17286
 Burmese ruby coronet cluster ring berganza hatton garden
Belle Époque diamond and Burmese ruby coronet cluster ring by Maurice Beck, French, circa 1910.
Ref: 25803
front view Vintage diamond cluste
Vintage diamond cluster ring, circa 1970.
Ref: 25722
front view Diamond cluster by Alabaster & Wilson, English, circa 1950.
Diamond cluster by Alabaster & Wilson, English, circa 1960.
Ref: 25928
front view Art Deco solitaire diamond ring
Art Deco diamond flanked solitaire ring, circa 1930.
Ref: 25815
Art Deco solitaire diamond engagement ring berganza hatton garden
Art Deco solitaire diamond engagement ring, circa 1935.
Ref: 25716
Drop, baguette and square cut diamond ring, circa 1960.
Vintage diamond crossover ring, circa 1960.
Ref: 25635
front view Art Deco diamond ring, American, circa 1935. berganza hatton gar
Art Deco diamond cluster ring, American, circa 1935.
Ref: 25913
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