Our Customers' Top Picks for Jewellery Investments

Our Customers' Top Picks for Jewellery Investments

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Vintage ruby diamond coronet cluster ring berganza hatton garden
Vintage ruby and diamond coronet cluster ring, circa 1960.
Ref: 19623

Tuesday 28th July 2015

When investing in jewellery, the most important consideration is rarity- that is why our customers say that ancient, antique and vintage jewellery stand the test of time when it comes to investments. Throughout time antique and vintage jewellery has had eternal appeal- every piece is unique, full of character and style as each was crafted by hand and is of exceptional quality. We have selected a few of the favourite investment choices of our customers:

Antique and vintage jewellery set with diamonds is always in great demand as diamonds are one of the most understood of all gemstones. Each individual diamond is cut by hand, displaying unique irregularities and a particular sparkle, with a look that cannot be recreated with machine laser cut mass market diamonds of today.

Natural, unenhanced coloured gemstones are next on the list. Rarity is again the factor, setting these coloured gemstones apart from the more common treated gems on the market today which have been subjected to human intervention to produce -unnaturally- a good colour. Only natural, untreated coloured stones attain record breaking prices in auction houses, again highlighting their desirability and rarity.

Signed pieces from the top jewellery houses carry a premium and provide assurance of top quality craftsmanship and materials. Names such as Cartier, Boucheron, Oscar Heyman Brothers or Van Cleef & Arpels conjure timeless style and elegance and have persistent appeal.

Beautiful lustrous natural pearls have been in high demand throughout history. They have graced the necks, ears and fingers of royalty and nobles for centuries- a glance down the portraits in say the National Portrait Gallery’s Tudor gallery highlights the popularity of these treasures in the upper echelons of society. Only approximately one in ten thousand oysters produces a pearl and of those, few will be attractive pearls of an even rounded appealing shape. Bearing this in mind, a supposedly simple and straightforward looking graduated strand of natural pearls is actually a feat of skill, and a testament to the talent of the craftsman in matching the subtle nuances of colour, shape and size.

Ancient and early rings will always be a favourite investment choice due to their scarcity. The kudos of owning an ancient or early piece of jewellery dating from one of the bygone famous civilisations, such as Ancient Roman, Byzantine or Viking will never diminish. Surviving jewellery is so rare that it is even unusual to find it available for sale and more commonly found only out of reach in museum glass cabinets.

Investing in an ancient, antique or vintage piece of jewellery is something to treasure all one’s life. These are pieces which are intended to be passed down the generations, enjoyed for years to come and to be truly prized for their unique individuality. Scarcity, value and exclusivity is reflected in every single piece of antique and vintage jewellery at Berganza.

front view Art Deco emerald cut diamond ring, circa 1935.
Art Deco emerald-cut diamond ring, English, circa 1935.
Ref: 25944
front view Natural pearl and diamond ring, circa 1920.
Natural pearl and diamond ring, circa 1920.
Ref: 21138
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