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Vintage & Antique Necklaces


Antique and vintage necklaces come in an array of styles, from the elegant rivière, and the classic pearl necklace, to versatile vintage beads and beautiful antique sautoirs, we have a range of antique necklaces for all tastes.

Throughout the periods, necklaces have remained one of the most popular of jewellery items. Among our collection we have extremely rare Ancient Roman necklaces, intricate Georgian gold chains, and exquisite Victorian necklaces set in silver and gold. The twentieth century saw some extremely fine necklaces set into platinum, showing off gemstones to their best effect.

Antique necklaces can be set with a variety of gemstones from spectacular bright diamonds, to attractive sapphires, aquamarines, coral, amethyst and pearls, but to name a few. Some examples will show a multitude of colourful gemstones beautifully gracing the neck.

Due to being handmade, each antique necklace will be slightly different. A popular aspect of antique necklaces is the elegance in their articulation. Craftsmen made use of articulated links to encourage movement. This enables the gemstones to react with light in a very attractive way, and can make quite a distinctive piece.

The classic natural pearl necklace is perhaps the most timeless and versatile of all antique necklaces. Antique natural pearl necklaces are today extremely rare. We have a selection across different price ranges, all of which are original to the period.

At Berganza we have a range of unique antique necklaces of many styles and set with many different gemstones.

Visit our Hatton Garden store to explore more dazzling antique necklaces designs.

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