2017 Spring Fashion: a Throw Back to the 1980s!

2017 Spring Fashion: a Throw Back to the 1980s!

A sneak preview of what is instore for fashion this Spring

Thursday 16th March 2017

The catwalks of the recent New York, London and Milan fashion weeks have given the public a sneak preview of what is instore for fashion this Spring. The most notable trend of the season is going to be 1980s inspired clothing and accessories. Apparently we will see a reappearance of slouchy office trousers, power suits, off the shoulder tops and over-the-top ruffles!

The jewellery of the 1980s was affected by the empowerment of women. This was the decade of economic prosperity, with an increasingly large number of people having disposable income, including women having greater economic independence. The executive woman of the 80s was now in a position to choose and buy her own jewels- no longer was jewellery solely given to her as a gift.
These items of jewellery were bold and distinct in appearance, often with smooth outlines, compact in design and large in size. The metal of the decade was yellow gold, seen in a variety of finishes from polished through to hammered and matt finishes; all coloured stones were appreciated as well as the ever present diamonds.

The women of the 1980s desired decorative yet practical jewellery which could see her through her busy schedule of a day in the boardroom and straight on the evening's party. The fashionable short, sharp haircuts were ideal for showing off the earrings of the time and necklaces were shorter and usually worn at collar length, tucked away, allowing them to be visible when wearing a shirt.
The style of the time is typified by Bulgari's iconic designs with curving outlines juxtaposed with geometric and linear designs within. Andy Warhol famously stated to Nicola Bulgari ‘I think your jewellery is the 1980s'! Women appreciated these fashionable pieces of jewellery which were easily recognisable, well made and stylish.

Sophisticated 1980s jewels stand the test of time due to their versatility in adapting to day and night wear. Style yourself this Spring with a piece of on-trend 1980s jewellery which will accessorise you to perfection.

Fancy diamond flower ring Oscar Heyman berganza hatton garden
Fancy colour diamond flower ring by Oscar Heyman Bros, American, circa 1980.
Ref: 25558
Tiffany Co ruby diamond heart necklace hatton garden
Tiffany & Co. ruby and diamond heart necklace, American, circa 1980.
Ref: 22076
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